See (About Catherine Acholonu. Acholonu is the author of eighteen published books).

Most ground-breaking books by Catherine Acholonu:

  • Motherism – The Afrocentric Alternative to Feminism (1995)
  • The Igbo Roots of Olaudah Equiano (1989, 2007)
  • The Earth Unchained – A Quantum Leap in Consciousness, A Reply to Al Gore(in this book we studied Quantum Mechanics to bring an axis shift in the understanding of African practice of Science)
  • The Gram Code of African Adam (2005)
  • They Lived Before Adam (2009)
  • The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam (2010)
  • Acholonu is available for talks and seminars anywhere.
  • Trial of the Beautiful Ones (play)
  • Into the Heart of Biafra (play)
  • The Spring’s Last Drop (poetry)
  • Nigerian in the Year 1999 (poetry), etc.

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