The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam

Our new book, The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam, the sequel to They Lived Before Adam – is now out. It demonstrates the West African location of ancient Egypt and the lost city of Heliopolis discovered by archaeologists in today’s Nigeria. This book completes our gallery of proofs that West Africa was the origin of the human species, the origin of world civilizations and of the phenomenon called Culture – the birthplace of the lost  one world language of humankind. Our works won the International Book Awards in 2009 in USA and were celebrated as the most ground-breaking publication for the year 2009 both at Harlem Book Fair, New York and on C-Span Book TV (see videos on U-Tube).

Our center is organizing Tours to the various  cultural and Prehistoric monuments described in our books. Catherine is available for talks and seminars anywhere.

You may contact Catherine Acholonu via Facebook or on

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